Wednesday Worries.

Bummer of a title, eh? Well let me explain. I recently took a new position at work that is significantly outside of my comfort zone. I’m in a constant state of figuring out what acronyms mean (“Allie, did you do the PHRQI yet?”…. Hint, answer is always “no and WTF is that???”) and leading meetings that I have no business leading. Luckily, this part of my job is only ~50% of my overall assignment (Ha!) and Wednesdays and Fridays are my days to work on these tasks. That typically means I wake up Wednesdays with some serious racing thoughts and ridiculous anxieties that are realllllyyyyy unproductive. This is essentially why the 30 day yoga challenge was born. I’m currently on day 17

and it has gotten me through this stressful job transition. Long story long, I started my Wednesday with 630am yoga alongside my best buddy. Hard to have a bad day after that (although I’ll do my best I’m sure). The rest of the day was full of meetings that were over my head and projects that I’m spinning my wheels on. It’s not all bad though, I get to work from home which means I look like this:

(Yes those are stretchy pants and ski socks) and my office mate is adorable:

Somehow kept my diet consistent today, but I think that’s mostly because I know this weekend is Halloween and I’ve been known to go hard on some candy.

My day in food:

Breakfast: another smoothie bowl, very similar to yesterday’s but with kale, since I’ve been missing my greens

Lunch: egg, avocado, and sweet potato tacos.

Dinner: roasted apples with red cabbage and chicken sausage. This is actually the first time in a week or two that I’ve had any meat (other than seafood). I’m not a vegetarian, but I just feel better when I eat significantly less meat. Eventually, it might turn into being a pescatarian, but I’m not quite there yet.

Snacks: A banana after work and a dark chocolate square with my tea at bedtime

Exercise: 60 minutes of hot yoga (bored yet?)

Thoughts on today: Contrary to my usual “Wednesday Worries”, today was actually a pretty relaxed day. If I had to attribute it to something, it would be starting it with hot yoga. 

Here’s to the downward slide into the weekend!


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