Calm before the storm…

After an absolutely wonderful evening with my parents, today was back to business as usual. Although slightly better than businesses usual, since my mom supplied me with a fantastic breakfast of yogurt, bananas, and sliced almonds and minestrone soup for lunch. As I said yesterday, my meal preparation and meal planning has been less than stellar, so since I had some help with breakfast and lunch, I had time to get some meal planning done for the remainder of the week. I have friends coming in from out of town this weekend, and it is sure to be filled with too much food, too much alcohol, and too little sleep, making it even more important for me to get myself together. SO, I referred to my handy dandy “meal idea” list that I keep in my phone:

I keep this going so I never have evenings where I am stumped for a meal idea. It also reminds me of things I’ve been wanting to try and helps me generate my weekly grocery lists. I keep this list running and just check off the ideas after I’ve made them. On days like today where I’m meal planning, I choose a few off of the list (this time I’m choosing the cabbage soup, buffalo chicken spaghetti squash, and Chana masala) and turn it into a grocery list:

(I’ll explain the psyllium husk powder in a later post). 

While there are many ways to meal plan, this has seemed to work for me to keep things organized yet interesting. I headed to the grocery store after work and now I’m all stocked up until company descends on my house on Friday! 

Unfortunately, my mom thwarted my uber healthy day and bought me these:

So I had a serving of them… Then threw them away because I have no willpower otherwise (sorry mom).

I finally got back to yoga today after two days off, and it felt amazing, but extremely hard today (75 min class). I truly missed it. I made this super simple Chana Masala when I got home:

Which is essentially brown rice, chick peas, sautéed onions and cabbage smothered in Masala sauce. I typically make my own sauce, but Trader Joes has a great unprocessed version and I was beat, so I “cheated” and used that instead.

I ended the night with a cup of tea and puppy snuggles on the couch. Today was a good day 😎.


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