Oh hello, old friend

So I took 10 months off from blogging. Yep, that happened. I’ve thought a lot about if I would launch into a whole explanation about my last 10 months or not, but I think I’ll just say…. It wasn’t a priority. Because it wasn’t.

So fast forward 10 months. I’m 30 (old), I’m still chillin’ with my best buddy and our two pups, and I still do lots of yoga. I was a vegan for 7 of those months, but I’m back to eating some meat now. All that’s really changed is I feel a bit older, a bit heavier, a bit less energized, and a bit like I want to change that. So here we go!

I’m still sticking with the “no diet label” thing, which means I’m basically just going to eat what makes me feel good and work out in ways that make me feel good and see how that goes. Capiche? 

So today, that means starting my day with this beaut: 

Cantaloupe, Greek yogurt, almonds, coconut and a smidge of honey. I intended to have eggs this morning, but this just sounded better. Lunch was leftover kale/coconut stir fry from last night  (see my previous post. Seriously not much has changed from last year). 
I had a clementine for a midafternoon snack, went off to my favorite 90 minute hot yoga class, then came home to make meatballs, kale, and quinoa noodles for dinner. It doesn’t look that pretty but it was delicious:

The stuff on the top is nutritional yeast (in place of cheese) and the sauce is super chunky because I made it from scratch! 

Pretty standard and boring day… Which is probably why I had time to restart this blog ;) 

On the the next one!


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