It’s a numbers game…


Anyone else play these games with themselves? Subtract 2 pounds for clothes and 1 pound if shoes are involved. And did I drink a lot of water first? That’s DEFINITELY minus 1 pound. Plus, I’m PMSing… so that adds 3 right there. AND NOW I’VE HIT MY GOAL WEIGHT ;)

The reality is, my weight is up. I weighed 139 this morning, which is the highest I’ve been in a really long time. I do feel a bit discouraged, but really, it’s not all that surprising. I’ve been super active, but I haven’t been eating things that make me feel good (especially on the weekends, when it’s basically a free for all) and I’ve been drinking a lot more because, well, it’s summer. There was a time a few months ago when this number made me feel depressed, but now I’m trying to look at it for what it is. It’s the result of me giving myself basically a year off from overly restricting my diet or making food rules for myself (except for the vegan thing – but that was an animal cruelty issue, not a weight issue). Quite honestly, despite my weight gain, I’d like to continue that mentality. The only thing I’d like to really change is to make sure that if I’m eating, I’m actually hungry (or the “junk” that I’m eating is something that’s actually worth it – please see the amazing appetizer plate we made for ourselves in Quebec City last weekend:

WORTH. IT. Bag of Swedish fish on the drive home? Meh, a little less worth it.

The weekends are really where I need to be more mindful. Again, not restrict or try for perfection, but I’d just like to cruise into Monday morning not feeling sick S’s overly exhausted as a result of not takings a care of myself all weekend. We’ve already started being WAY more active on weekends, which is an improvement and is a major step toward improving my diet, because I typically eat better during the day when I’ve started it off with a workout since I’m feeling good. So, that’s basically the “plan” for this weekend – without having an actual plan. We’ll see how it goes!

As far as this beautiful (actually super foggy) Friday is concerned, my day started off with me being wide awake at 5am for no real reason. Since I was up, I decided to go for a run, however my usually relatively laid back dog let out 2 significant shrieks as I tried to leave the house this morning, so I decided she needed my attention more than my fat ass (kidding) needed the run, so I went back upstairs and grabbed her to take her for a ~2 mile walk instead. Honestly – worth it. It made me happy to see how tuckered out and smiley she was post-walk. I’ll still do my 75 minutes of yoga after work, and since I’m going to a concert tonight, I feel good that she got more exercise than usual. Come to think of it, she used to get 2-3 miles every day…. I may need to make that a priority.

ANYWAY, for food, I didn’t feel like eggs again, so I had another Rx bar and a banana for breakfast (with my usual black coffee and jug-o-water). Lunch was leftovers from the evening before (kale, chickpeas, delicata squash, and cauliflower) and I grabbed an apple and kombucha for a snack again.

For dinner – we did the best we could, which meant food trucks at the concert. Since it was a 6pm concert, we really didn’t have time for dinner before. Plus, it’s part of the whole experience. So I had some wine, and this veggie and hummus wrap:


And got to listen to some TRULY fantastic music with my buddy. We walked the two miles home (uphill) then rewarded ourselves with some popcorn and dried mango ;)

Trying to remember today that it’s progress, not perfection, and the scale only measures gravity… It doesn’t measure self-worth.


One thought on “It’s a numbers game…

  1. Actually love this post; one of my favorites. Also, absolutely everyone can relate to the numbers game: including removing jewelry before weigh-ins. :-(. (And I don’t wear that much jewelry!)

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