Sleepy Saturdays

The only downside to dancing your ass off all night is the utter exhaustion the next day. I feel like in my early 20s I could have easily had 3 glasses of wine at a concert and not think twice about it the next day. But 30 is a different animal. And I. Am. Spent. 

Luckily I am on call today and not technically allowed to be away from home and my computer. So i am fully taking advantage of the time to lounge and regroup. I wanted to go for a run or to yoga, but my buddy reminded me that I haven’t had a day off yet this week, so Took a rest day.

My body woke up wanting eggs and toast this morning. So that’s what I had. With so. Much. Kale. And water. And black coffee. My hangover special :)

I had a banana as a snack. For lunch, I made a huuuuuge salad Witt lettuce, tomatoes, olives, mushroom, chickpeas, and a dill/yogurt dressing. It was prettier than it tasted, but it still made me feel good to eat tons of veggies and I was really full after: 

For dinner, I had significantly less control, since we were invited to a dinner party. That’s one thing that’s always a bit tough for me. Relinquishing control, especially when food is involved. But this is one area (probably the biggest area) I want to improve on, so this was a great opportunity to practice! And clearly i need more practice. I had chips and salsa before dinner (although not many, this time, so no regrets) kabobs and veggies and garlic bread for dinner (all worth it), a handful of starburst gummies for dessert (not worth it), and probably about a bottle of wine (egggh, maybe worth it, honestly). 

I’ll chalk this one up to a learning experience about what is ok to say “no” to in social situations, especially  when meeting new people. And now I’ll move on 😎


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