She taketh away

One thing I’ve noticed about my food mentality is that I have a propensity for eliminating certain foods/food groups when I feel like I’ve lost control. Sometimes it’s no dairy, or no sugar, or no meat, or no carbs (this one never lasts). I’m always taking things away from myself because I feel like I have no self control unless there is a hard and fast rule. 

Well some advice I’ve always given my patients who gripe that I “never let them eat anything”, is that maybe it’s time to stop focusing on what you need to remove to your diet and focus on what you need to add. For example, if you ADD a green salad before every meal and you ADD 2 liters of water per day, chances are you’ll be less hungry and less likely to binge on the unhealthy stuff. 

Unfortunately, I don’t always take my own advice. But I’m going to try to this time. I’ve got a 40 day yoga challenge coming up next week and I really want to fuel my body to feel my best for it. I already eat boat loads of vegetables… So adding more is probably unrealistic. But water, water is hit or miss. And I’ll need all of the water I can get if I’m doing sweaty yoga nearly every day for 40 days. So starting today, my goal is 3 liters of water daily and to continue to move my body in some way. Every. Single. Day. No eliminating, no restricting. I ALSO used to love being more creative and trying new recipes in the kitchen. Another thing I haven’t done in a while. So I’m going to add more of that and start getting back to using this blog to track recipes!

So, despite sleeping through my alarm and getting up at 6:30 when I need to leave at 6:45, I still managed to have this for breakfast with black coffee, thanks to my buddy who got up and cooked for me:

It’s kale  and eggs and a few leftover potatoes and it kept me very full all morning, especially since I was trying to drink 1400ml of after before lunch.

Lunch was another salad that luckily I had thrown together last night (but had to eat with a spoon bc I forgot a fork) and some kombucha.

No snacks today as I wasn’t super hungry. I did an hour of yoga, went home to make this delicious Thai carrot and sweet potato soup adapted by Cookie and Kate:

Recipe found here:

Theoretically it looks like this:

So we will pretend that’s actually what it looked like. I had a scoop of gelato that my buddy brought me and I couldn’t say no to at the end of the night sand was in bed by 10. I ended up with 2.5 liters of water for the day. Here’s to healthy additions :)


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