Cultivating patience 

I am not a patient person. Once I set my mind to something, I need to get it done as soon as possible. I believe this is also the reason why I have struggled with meditation. In meditation, there is nothing to accomplish and no goal. It is mindfully waiting in silence, and it is honestly hard for me to get through.  That is one of the main reasons why I have started guided meditation, where there is a person who walks you through the meditation rather than sitting in silence. There is one meditation in particular that I return to on a nearly daily basis, and I thought I would share the words today, because I went back to them in my own mind A lot throughout the day today to get myself through what felt like a very difficult time.  The 7 mantras are as follows:

1. I make plans but I try to stay open for the surprises that life has in store for me

2. I cultivate patience and by doing so I also cultivate self-confidence

3. I welcome the opportunity to step outside my comfort zone and I do not let myself be guided by fear

4. I love myself unconditionally because it is essential for my happiness. 

5: Im going to drink water, eat fruits and vegetables, walk, take the stairs, and exercise. Today I am giving love to my body

6. I give everywhere I go, even if it is just a smile or giving my full attention. Listening is the best gift I can give

7. I try to be impeccable with my word and to only spread positivity. It is counterproductive to my happiness speak against myself or others

What I love about this meditation is that all of the seven mantras resonate with me differently on different days. Today, the one that resonated the strongest with me was the one about patience. Often times, my impatience is with myself and achieving my goals. Whether it be professionally, in my personal life, or with my body. It took me a while to see the connection between patience and self-confidence. But when I actually put this into practice, it is clear that when my mind is patient, my mind is calm, and I am significantly more confident and less rushed and frantic. You really can’t be frantic and confident at the same time.

Today, I practiced patience with others at a daylong work meeting. I also practiced patience at home with my best buddy who is going through a difficult time. Instead of the inpatient “Toughlove” model, I’ve decided to just wait it out And allow him to work out his stress in his own time, rather than forcing things to move forward or change. I have to say, it did make my mind more calm. And in the end I believe it gave him the time and space to work things out on his own terms and not on my terms (which sadly I have to say was not easy for me ). By the end of the day, things felt back to normal with him. So maybe there is something to this whole patience thing.

While that doesn’t have a lot to do with food or this blog, I do believe that I could continue to practice patience with myself and my body. It is not going to change overnight after a few weeks of eating well and exercising. But I am right where I am supposed to be. So on that note, my day was pretty regular as it relates to food. I had yogurt with frozen berries and almonds for breakfast, an apple as a snack, smoked salmon with avocado and kale for lunch, a pear in the afternoon, and a roasted vegetable bowl for supper. I also did my 75 minute hot yoga class. Per usual, I had gelato for dessert, but it was a bit bigger this time, as I allowed my buddy to make it for me while we played cribbage and talked. He even shaved some dark chocolate over the top. 😍

While today wasn’t perfect, in relation to food or otherwise, I really do feel good about where I am at and the pace I am moving forward. Even if it’s not lightning speed.


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