Little reminders…

So lately I’ve been feeling pretty good about how I have been taking care of myself. This weekend was a little reminder of how important it is to keep balance and not have a black and white mentality. I love that I’m not restricting anymore, but sometimes I forget that it can feel just as bad, if not worse, when I go off the deep end. Now to be fair, this weekend was a weekend spent with friends. On Saturday night, these friends were gracious enough to cook for us. That meant I had very little control of what we ate. Sunday, we went to a football game and tailgated. Well I had more control of what we brought in that case, I certainly could’ve handled both situations slightly better and I can’t pretend that I’m a victim of my circumstances.

Here is how the weekend went down. First, I did not work out on Saturday morning because I was hungover. I feel like this is really what catapulted the entire weekend into a tailspin. I know that I do better and feel better when I work out in the morning. And of course the hangover just compounded matters. I went to breakfast with my buddy, and it started off OK. I ordered what I thought was eggs and vegetables, but it ended up being covered in cheese. I attempted to avoid the cheese to the best of my ability. We did not plan ahead for lunchtime, so I ended up eating leftover noodles from the evening before. Not a great start. At our friends house, we drank too much wine as usual, but overall I wouldn’t have felt bad about dinner had I been better about my portions. I had two slices of bread which I only slightly regret because it was really realllllly good bread. Unfortunately I also had mashed potatoes and a very large chicken breast. I ate salad, but I would’ve been better off if I had made that the star of my meal, along with the chicken. Our friend also very kindly made us dessert, which were blonde brownies with ice cream, which I gladly had two of. I passed out on the couch, fat and happy, and if that had been where it ended, I wouldn’t have considered the weekend a loss. However, as I said the next day was spent watching football and tailgating. During this time…I ate one breakfast taco, a piece of steak, potato salad, sesame sticks, potato chips, Banana bread, more wine, and Swedish fish. 

And then of course I went home and ate pizza before bed, even though I considered ordering a salad which would have made me feel much better today. Overall I’m not beating myself up over this weekend, but I do want to use it as a reminder that things can get escalated very quickly when I am not conscious of my decisions. I also want to remember how I felt this morning. No energy, bloated, and just overall less happy than I have felt when I took good care of myself. At the VERY least, I should have prioritized working out.

Luckily, I used that as motivation to do well today, especially since today is day one of my yoga challenge which I am extremely excited for. I had oatmeal with almond butter and bananas for breakfast, homemade gazpacho for lunch, and homemade potato, leek, and cabbage soup for dinner. I did my yoga and went to bed early, in hopes of starting fresh tomorrow. The soup was honestly awesome. You can find the recipe here:

And my picture doesn’t do it justice:

That legit looks like swamp water. The beautiful thing about life is you do get the chance to start over every single day. I hope in time my habits will be more consistent so I don’t feel the need to restart as frequently. 

Most importantly, here’s to day one of he challenge!!!


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