Allie and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Dramatic? I think not. Today I felt like I was a character in this book:

If you’ve never heard of this book, I bet you can guess the plot. Essentially it’s about a boy who has the worst day ever. Gum in his hair, suspended from school, ignored by his friends and family. Just crap. Also it was somehow made into a movie starring Steve Carrell?? Come on, Steve. 

ANYWAY, this was the day I had yesterday. I was extremely overwhelmed at work (to the point of sobbing at my desk), my car needed to go into the shop (your car isn’t supposed to make a loud grinding sound when you break, right???), and did I mention the work thing? Not only did I cry at work but I cried the whollllle way home. 

But that’s life, right? It happens. As Alexander said in the book (and maybe the movie? Idk but I’m definitely not watching that): “You just gotta have bad days so you can love the good days even more.” So in an attempt to not turn a bad day into a bad week, I went home, met with a contractor, walked the dogs, went to yoga (day 3 of the challenge!!), then came home and drank lots of water and ate a healthy dinner. 

We made this tomato chickpea stew on top of brown rice and it was seriously awesome:

Mine didn’t look as pretty, but DAMN it was good (and used up the rest of the tomatoes from my CSA)

(That pic is pre-chickpeas and rice)

Despite telling my buddy I was going to drink a bottle of wine, I had no booze and I went to bed early… After my usual gelato ;) which maybe I should get out of the habit of having?? But certainly not today. 


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