Fajita feelings

So I have absolutely nothing profound to say today. I ate eggs, spinach and avocado for breakfast. See here:

It was at my desk. Lame.

I had a banana for a snack. I ate leftover roasted veggie bowl for lunch. I had half of a kombucha before heading home. Work was fine. Food was fine. Then…. Fajitas.

I had the idea that I wanted to make legit fajitas. Slow cooked beef all day with peppers and onions…. Hand shredded cheese. Fresh chopped tomatoes from the farm… And… Wait for it… Homemade flour tortillas. I’ve never done this before, but the people I know who have (ok the food bloggers I follow) say that once you make them, you’ll never buy them again. And I hate to say it but they were right. It was incredibly easy and would only be made easier if you have a kitchenaid mixer. First you mix the dough which is wheat flour, oil, water, and salt. This step takes 5 minutes without a mixer. Then you divide the dough up, roll it into balls, press it down, and let it sit like this:

Until you are ready to roll them and hear them. I let mine sit for 2 hours just bc of the timing of the evening, but 15 min is plenty. My buddy rolled them out and made them as flat and big as he could then heated them on each side in a cast iron skillet. He tells me the whole rolling and heating process took 20 min. So really a total of 45 min total. Most of which are just waiting. And we made TWELVE delicious (and freezable) homemade tortillas. And they were so. damn. good. 

I was starving so I took a giant bite before remembering to take a picture, but this is me mid-chew:

Honestly they were amazing and turned out so well for our first attempt. The two recipes are below. Try them. ASAP. 

Recipe: Slow Cooker Flank Steak Fajitas

Recipe: Whole-Wheat Tortillas


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